Event information - IV. KE Cross Run

IV. KE CROSS RUN, Terep Akadályfutó MEFOB és DogsCross

Obstacle Race



  • To provide chance for young people to challenge themselves and compete
  • To improve the mental health and physical fitness of young people
  • To promote cross-country running
  • To promote military sports

Main organiser of the event

  Kaposvár University


  • Hungarian Defence Force Regional Recruitment Office (Kaposvár)
  • Pannon Equestrian Academy Sport Club

Main patron:

  • Prof. Dr Melinda. Kovács rektor of Kaposvár University
  • dr. Borbás Zoltán chancellor of, Kaposvár University

Main sponsor:

published later


  • Hungarian University Sports Federation


  • György Szerb sports manager

Location: Pannon Equestrian Academy of Kaposvár University and surrounding area

Date:  Saturday, 25.  April 2020., 9:30 a.m.

Entry, entry fee:

Entry fee (http://www.crossrun.hu/hu/nevezes/nevezesi-dijak )

Process of registration:

  • First enter to the webpage https://ticket.ke.hu where you can buy the registration ticket which contains your registration identification
  • Visit the registration page (http://korido.hu/2020KECrossRun_reg ) where you must fill the registration of the race and give the previously purchased Registration identification
  • Finally the organizers will process your registration which may take few days.

Entry fee includes:

  • participation in the competition
  • race packet
  • beverages
  • timing
  • individual medal for all finishers
  • additional prizes in categories
  • medical service for participants
  • free online photo gallery
  • online list of results

Challenges and distances:

Distance I: obstacle race on a 1 km long course with 8 obstacles (between the age of 4-11)
Distance II: obstacle race on a 4 km long course with 15+ obstacles (between the age of 12-18 and Team categories )
Distance III: obstacle race on an 8 km long (2x4 km) course with 2x15+ obstacles (from the age of 19 and above)


A: Categories/Age groups of individual race:

age 4-6 (2014-2016)
age  7-9 (2011-2013)
age 10-11 (2009-2010)

age 12-14 (2006-2008)
age15-18 (2002-2005)

age 19-34 (1986-2001)
age 35-50 (1970-1985)
age 50-  (1969 or before)
Kaposvár University
MEFOB: Hungarian University - College National Championship (for student of any Hungarian higher education institution or students who finished their last semester less than a year ago)

MEFOB teachers/professors: Hungarian University - College National Championship for Teachers and Professors who are working in any Hungarian higher education institution

B: Team Competition:
The entry is open to teams of 4 members (maximum 2 male members). The team’s competition will be held in a different system than in the previous competition.

Each team consists of 2 relay pairs who switch each other after 1 lap, ie. all competitor must complete Distance II (see: Challenges and distances/Distance II.) In the first lap the 2 girls of the teams must start the competition. Team the members can help each other to cross the obstacles, but it is not compulsory to race side by side if they do not want to. The competition is finished when both relay of a team cross the finish line. The time of the relays will be added and the team the best added time will win the competition. One person can be a member of only one team.    

Example: One relay of team X (2 people) finishes the race in 50 minutes, while the other relay of team X (other 2 people) finishes in 55 minutes. So the final result of team X will be 50+55 minutes, so all together 105 minutes. 

 Please note that individual runners who are younger than 18 years, individual males, individual females and teams will start the race at a separate time and distinctly from each other. You can find more information about this in our detailed programme description.


  • Open (Distance II)
  • MEFOB: Hungarian University - College National Championship (Distance II., all member of the team are  student of any Hungarian higher education institution or students who finished their last semester less than a year ago)
  • MEFOB teachers/professors: Hungarian University - College National Championship for Teachers and Professors who are working in the same Hungarian higher education institution
  • Workplace teams (Distance II)
  • Defense and law enforcement agencies (Distance II)
  • Families (Distance II – the team must include racers from minimum two generations)

Youth categories

  • Primary school (Distance II. age 12-14)
  • Secondary school (Distance II. age 15-18)

Mobility competition of primary and secondary schools:

The schools which bring the most participants to the race will receive special rewards.  (DogsCross participants do not count in the mobility competition)


All successful finishers will get a medal directly after the finish
Top three finishers of individual categories will receive a special medal
Top three finishers of team categories will receive a special medal
All individual adult competitors will get a race packet (medal)


Additional programmes:

  • Defence force show

Recomended Accomodations

In the neighborhood:
Kaposvár University Dormitories: http://www.ke.hu/szolgaltatasok/kollegiumok
Daru Panzió: http://darupanzio.kapos-net.hu/eng/index.html


In the city center:
Hotel Kapos: http://www.kaposhotel.hu/english
Borostyán Vendégház: http://www.hotelborostyan.hu/index.php/en/


Getting there

by car: Pannon Lovasakadémia, Kaposvár Guba Sándor u. 40.
by public transportation: Kaposvári Egyetem bus stop http://www.kaposbusz.hu/
by coach: Kaposvár, Kaposvári Egyetem bus stop https://menetrendek.hu/


The transfer of the registration is possible to another person with a cost of 1500 Ft administration fee and latest until 08.04.2018. The discounted registration is transferable only if both competitors (transferor and new competitor) have all the necessary documents for the discounted registration and he/she can prove it with documents.

The t-shirt (cotton) of the competition is not included in the package of the entry fee. You can buy the t-shirt independently during your registration latest until 15.03.2018. The t-shirt is designed by the students of Rippl-Rónai Faculty of Arts.


Terms and conditions:


More information:



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