Terms and conditions

1. The race is open to all well-prepared runners who accept the race conditions and abide by the present terms and conditions. Any participant will be held responsible for any damage or injury caused to people or property arising from violation of rules.
2. All participants declare that they are healthy and enter the race voluntarily and on their own responsibility.
3. Entries will be accepted after the online entry form and the payment transaction is completed. Parent or guardian consent (hereinafter Parent Permission Form) required for any participant who is younger than 18 years on the day of the race. To download the form please click on this link. A printed copy of Parent Permission Form, signed by (one of) the parents must also be shown to officials prior to receiving the race packet.
4. Entrants declare that they have provided true, accurate, current and complete information in the entry form and they consent to further use of their personal data for this event. They also authorise event officials to send messages and newsletters by email.
5. In the case of withdrawal, the entry fee is not refundable. The entry cannot be transferred to another person or a different event.
6. The Organisers reserve the right to amend the programme or the race course, as well as to limit and/or refuse entries when necessary.
7. The organisers of the race cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to any personal belongings.
8. Please obey all parking regulations that are in effect on the day of the race and use designated parking spaces properly.
9. Any kind of commercial activity is prohibited at the event unless previously authorised by the organisers.
10. The Organisers reserve the right to make photographs, motion picture or any other record of this race and its participants. The organisers own all rights to these recordings and reserve the right to use these for any legitimate purposes, including any commercial and marketing uses (such as newspapers, posters, spreadsheets, video releases, tenders, social media) without compensation or payment to participants.
11. Any participant who deviates from the designated route conducts himself/herself in an unsportsmanlike manner, or is found to be in breach of the terms and conditions may be disqualified from the event.
12. The participant who wishes to protest against another competitor or notify a violation must do so in writing to the organisers and pay a protest fee of 15.000 HUF. Protests must be submitted to the event centre within 30 minutes after closing the race by either individual runners or team leaders. The organising committee will investigate the protest and answer in writing to the person affected.
13. Due to the special conditions of the course and for reasons of safety no roller skates, bicycles, pets or other animals are permitted in the race. All participants must display the official race number.
14. Unfortunately, organisers are not able to accept the entry of visually impaired and wheelchair participants
15. Use of escort car, bicycle and any other vehicle is only allowed for the organisers.
16. According to the decision of the disaster management authority, the use and operation of privately owned unmanned aerial devices (drones) is prohibited.
17. The race will be held regardless of weather conditions.

DogsCross Competition Rules

1. The race is open for any competitor having handed in a complete registration and accepted those laid down in the contest notice and the CrossRun Competition Rules. Competitors are requested to declare their personal data, and in the event of signing up a dog owned by someone else, they shall also give the data of the dog’s owner.

2. The mandatory equipment consists of 3 parts:
- waist strap or sit harness
- flexible lead (flexi and other retractable leashes are forbidden!)
- harness (no dogs are allowed to start in collars!)

3. The dogs are expected:
- to be older than 12 months
- not to be on heat or pregnant
- to have received all obligatory shots and the microchip
- to be healthy, adequately socialised (aggressive dogs must not enter the contest even in muzzles!)

4. The dogs shall not be let off the leash and the dogs’ droppings must be collected over the entire area of the event! (Any dog let off the leash entails the disqualification of the pair)

5. The competitors are aware of the fact that, pursuant to valid legislation, any individual keeping a pet shell be held responsible for any damage inflicted to other individuals unless proven free from liability as owner of the animal in question. The competitor shall be answerable for any damage caused by their pets. The competitor shall be responsible for any damage resulting from breach of the Competition Rules. The competitor shall immediately notify the organiser on any circumstance that necessitates the organiser’s intervention. The competitor shall be liable for any damage resulting from failure to do this. The competitor shall bear full damages liability for any damage caused during the competition including damages affecting a third party. The competitor acknowledges that the organiser bears no responsibility for the competitor’s activities performed during the competition.

6. Each competitor may sign up and start with only one dog.

7. No clickers are allowed, but competitors are free to reward and motivate the dogs all along the track.

8. Disqualification:
- Leaving the track
- Any aggression shown to the dog
- Deliberate disturbance of any other dog
- Leaving the path, taking a shortcut, deliberate moving of obstacles
- Any breach of the Competition Rules

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